CJS and ESM — can’t we all just get along?

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const doSomething = require('./doSomething.js');
module.exports = function doSomething(n) {
// do something
import {foo, bar} from './myLib';...export { ... }

Are CJS and ESM just different syntaxes for the same thing?

console.log(1);const { b } = require('./b');console.log(2);
console.log(1);import { b } from './b';console.log(2);
  • ESM modules automatically add ‘use strict
  • They allow top level “await”
  • The exported values share a memory space with the imported values. In CJS the imported values are copies of the exported ones.
  • You can’t use variables in import statements, because the variables are not yet instantiated. (Unless you use dynamic imports)

So… can they just get along?


  1. https://redfin.engineering/node-modules-at-war-why-commonjs-and-es-modules-cant-get-along-9617135eeca1 (Focuses on the differences between CJS and ESM, how to reconcile them)
  2. https://hacks.mozilla.org/2018/03/es-modules-a-cartoon-deep-dive/ (A deep dive into what are modules and how ESM works under the hood)
  3. https://irian.to/blogs/what-are-cjs-amd-umd-and-esm-in-javascript/ (Short summary of the differences between these and other module types)




Software developer @ riseup. MA student @ The Cohn Institute in Tel Aviv University

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Dotan Reis

Dotan Reis

Software developer @ riseup. MA student @ The Cohn Institute in Tel Aviv University

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